Industry Solutions 

Digital two way radios are vital work tools in many industries, as well as allowing secure group and private conversations, the vast array of data applications enable radio systems to provide many additional capabilities as well as voice.  
CommTrack provide radio solutions into a wide range of industries, some of the industrial sectors are listed below. To find out more about the radio solutions for each industry then click the relevant image.  
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Radio communication is critical on most construction sites, workers on foot need to be in constant contact with mobile plant users. Radios need to be rugged and of a high IP rating to perform reliably on construction work sites 

Transport And Logistics 

Transport and logistic, where there is a fast movement of people and goods, two-way radios provide an invaluable working tool. GPS Tracking and Lone Worker are just two of the two way radio features that provide a modern comprehensive fleet radio communication system.  

Higher Education 

Colleges and Universities rely on two way radio communication systems to provide voice and data information. Features such as lone worker, telemetry, IP site connect offer campus much more than traditional voice communication. 


Reliable & instant communications between security personnel is critical, making two way radios an essential tool. Radios allow security personnel to mobilize quickly while responding to accidents, disturbances, or theft. Lone worker applications also provide an additional layer of safety. 


Providing stock/warehousing information to point-of-sale, providing group radio communication to security, linking fire alarm systems, these are a few of the many applications for two way radios in the retail environment. 


Cost effective solutions combining both technologies for data and voice communications is critical for modern mines. Underground tracking can be provided by two way radios or tracking tags, understanding where people are underground is critical in an emergency situation. 


Tunnel workers use two way radio communications for productivity and safety. Many systems use leaky feeder/radiating cable which provides reliable communications in all areas underground. 

Oil & Gas 

Two-way radio users in the oil & gas industries depend on radios to improve safety, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Because of the hazardous nature of these work environments, ATEX / Intrinsically Safe Radios are often required. With a full lineup of ATEX radios and batteries from CommTrack.