Construction Two Way Radio Systems  

Two-way radios are a valuable working tool for construction. In construction it is required that workers meet high standards of health and safety, regular communication over large areas is important for workers safety. Workers are sometimes faced with handling and carrying around materials or operating machinery. Workers are also required to communicate with each other at all times on a construction sites, where needed. 
CommTrack offer bespoke two way radio systems that meet construction companies’ two way radio needs such as great coverage, excellent reliability, tough and sturdy kit. We offer very competitive prices and our hire options include set up of the system, accessories and an excellent support service including repair and maintenance and operational support. 
Why do construction sites require two-way radio communication systems: 
Health and Safety  
Security control 
Communication between operators of heavy machinery, such as cranes and towers 
Emergency communications - fire, police, emergency services. 
Live communication- to be able to communicate individuals or groups. 
Access control 
Greater communication coverage areas. Repeaters and radiating cable/leaky feeder allow basements and confined spaces to receive radio coverage. 
Location of workers on the construction site. 
Construction Radios
Why CommTrack? 
We regularly supply two-way radios to construction companies. These include Morgan Sindall, J Murphy & Sons, Balfour Beatty, among others. 
Construction sites either hire radio equipment at a low price (which includes all repairs), or they simply buy from us. Both these options also apply to our customised solutions and accessories. 
Typical construction site two way radio system features include : 
Man Down 
Location Tracking 
Telephone Connect 
Group Calling 
Emergency Calling 
IP Site Connect 
Caller ID 

Construction Radios Featured Products  

Construction Walkie Talkie
Motorola DP4400 
Rugged - High IP Rating 
Construction Radio Earpiece
Motorola SL1600 
Construction Radio Chargers
Motorola Charger 
Motorola DP3441 

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