Two Way Radios In Education 

A greater number of schools, colleges and educational facilities are using modern two-way radios to protect their staff and pupils against potential threats outside and also inside the classroom walls. Two way radios are quickly deployed, in most cases a radio repeater is not required as sufficient radio coverage can be obtained by a handportable radio 
CommTrack supply off the shelf or bespoke two way radio solutions that meet educational facilities communication needs such as great coverage, excellent reliability, tough and sturdy kit. We offer very competitive prices and our hire options include set up of the system, accessories and an excellent support service including repair and maintenance and operational support. 
Why do schools and colleges sites require two-way radio communication systems: 
Security control. 
School radio systems can be directly connected to emergency services to guarantee quicker response times. 
Improving productivity by communicating tasks between school staff. 
Providing communications for fire/emergency mustering. 
Alerting radio users in the case of a fire alarm or a security breach. 
Access control. 
Why CommTrack? 
We have a track record of working with schools and educational faciities in providing radio communication systems that improve productivity and safety. 
The radio equipment that we supply and install is backed up by top quality service and support. 
Typical school site two way radio system features include : 
Group Calling 
One To One Calling 
Telephone Connect 
Text Messaging 
Lone Worker 
Voice Encryption 
Multiple Voice Channels. 

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Educational Radios Featured Products  

Motorola SL1600 DMR Radio 
Lightweight Radio 
Hytera PD405 DMR Radio 
Inexpensive Migration Radio 
Radio Earpieces 
Hytera TC-320 
License Free Radio 

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