Mine Radio Systems  

Radio communication systems are a key part of mines health and safety 'toolbox'. Radio communication between workers underground is vital to ensure everyone is kept informed in a fast moving area 
In addition to voice communication, modern digital radio systems also include features such as location monitoring, voice recording, telephone interconnect, and lon worker facility. 
CommTrack engineers have worked all over the world in underground mines, from coal mines in China to copper mines in Portugal.  
Many existing mine sites use leaky feeder cable to enable reliable communication underground, CommTrack are experts are designing, deploying and supporting leaky feeder systems. 
CommTrack also deploy and support mining WiFi systems, these modern systems allow very high speed data & voice systems to be deploted underground. 
Why do mine sites require radio communication systems: 
Allow constant communication between users below ground  
Productivity and logistics 
Relaying of telemetry and data control, such as gas monitoring and fan control 
Emergency communications for fire brigade & mine rescue co-ordination 
Location monitoring of people 
Access control 
Allow telephone access to workers underground 
Transportation of data from longwall and machinery underground 
Why CommTrack? 
CommTrack work with many mine operators all over the world. We build, test, and integrate systems in the UK and have engineers deployed regularly underground supporting our radio systems 
All our engineers are confined space trained and are experienced working in challenging areas.  
Typical mining site radio system features include : 
Emergency Calling 
Location Tracking 
Telephone Connect 
Voice Recording 
Gas Detection Monitoring 
Lone Worker 

Featured Products  

Motorola DP4400e Radio 
Mine Radio Head End Unit 
Radio System Amplifiers 
Personnel & Asset Tracking 

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