Mine And Tunnel Safety  

Radio Communications 

WIFI Networks 

Radio communication systems underground are the backbound of a mine or tunnel communication system. CommTrack engineers have over 20 years of building, commissoning, and supporting radio systems for mines and tunnels, in the UK and in most continents in the world.  
Modern requirements for safety and productivity mean that underground systems have fully wireless IP networks that support high speed data as well as traditional voice services. CommTrack partner with global network suppliers to deliver the correct solution to the individual requirements. 

Proximity Detection 

Underground Gas Detection 

Proximity detection systems (PDS), sometimes known as collision avoidance systems (CAS) are critical in underground construction & mining operations. These systems alert and even slow mobile machinery when they are in close proximity to personnel or another mobile machine.  
CommTrack supply fixed and portable gas detection systems into mines and tunnelling operations. We work with Schauenburg Systems to supply intrinsically safe products that are safe to use underground and that are manufactured to the highest standard to keep personnel safe. 
Tunnel Tracking

CommTrack Projects Include...... 

Potash Mines 
Coal Mines 
Gold Mines 
Stone Mines 
Road Tunnels 
Rail Tunnels 
Power Tunnels 
Water Tunnels 

Technology Partners  

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