There are many areas in the operation of an educational facility, where safety and productivity are paramount. Whether it’s campus security or staff/pupil safety - effective, reliable communication is key. The use of mobile phones has its limitations in their lengthy call setup time, black-spots, lack of group calling and poor battery life. 
Digital two way radios, can be used to tackle problems like delays in responses and approvals, restricted workflows and prolonged assignments. Read more. 
Two way radio systems are perfect for establishing clear lines of communication instantly between all those involved 
Do you operate what is considered best practice? 
December 1921 was when the first broadcast was made. 
The radios connect to a CCTV control room to help police catch thieves. 
Retailers concerned about shoplifting rates in their local area may want to arm themselves with 2 way radios to help tackle the problem head on, something that some companies in a Leicestershire town have already started doing. 
CommTrack recently completed the Factory Acceptance Test for the radio communication system for a new 5.1Km cable tunnel in London. The radio system which was designed and built by CommTrack in the UK will be installed and commissioned in early 2017. Due to the tunnel being classified as an hazardous area, the radiated RF power via the leaky feeder and fibre optic transceivers is strictly controller. Each of the five head houses will have full tunnel radio coverage as well as surface coverage.