Do you operate what is considered best practice? 
When it comes to keeping your workers safe, it can be challenging, particularly in high-risk industries. This is especially the case given the negative associations surrounding health and safety practice in many people’s minds, but convincing your workers to follow procedure, such as by making sure they have two way radios when working solo, is vital. 
Writing for SHP Online, John Southall explained that employers often have all the right procedures in place, but in some instances it falls down in the implementation. 
He cited HSE statistics, which show that only four in ten businesses achieve what the organisation considers to be good safety practice. 
Mr Southall argues that by engaging employees every step of the way, businesses will see more people following safety processes, and thereby reduce the number of incidents. 
According to the HSE’s director for Scotland, trust, respect and cooperation are all required to help prevent injury and ill health at work. 
To achieve this, Mr Southall claims that there needs to be a top-down approach to health and safety, with managers practicing what they preach. He adds that it’s vital for managers to be up to date on their qualifications, so that they can effectively discuss health and safety with employees. 
And discussing issues, and how to rectify them, is an important part of the process too. Employees should feel as though they have a dialogue with their managers, where they feel able to report any concerns or discuss any policy they are unsure of. 
HSE statistics show that 30.4 million working days were lost in 2015/16 as a result of workplace illness and injury, highlighting the scale of the problem and the need for employers to explore solutions to reduce risk and the number of incidents. 
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