There are many areas in the operation of an educational facility, where safety and productivity are paramount. Whether it’s campus security or staff/pupil safety - effective, reliable communication is key. The use of mobile phones has its limitations in their lengthy call setup time, black-spots, lack of group calling and poor battery life. 
Two-way radios overcome these deficiencies by offering instant communications to either another individual, a team or all users. All this with a clearer, louder and more robust hand set with no monthly contract charges. 
Many facilities move to deploy two-way radios to provide campus-wide communications which give staff and faculty constant access to critical information and enhance safety and efficiency. From over-seeing the school crossing, supervising break times and site access to inter-office/classroom messaging, fire drill coordination and alerting maintenance – The use of two-way radios in education provides a safer and more efficient environment. 
Two-way radios offer reliable communications that don’t depend on 3rd party infrastructure and provide 100% campus coverage even during power outages. They are: tough, water resistant, rugged, simple to operate and, with a typical battery life of over 12 hours, two-way radios offer peace-of-mind to any educational facility. 
There are options when choosing a communication link for a campus. Depending on the size of the area which needs coverage, the number of users and the features required, a suitable package is available for all facilities. 
For a smaller campus, License Free Radios (PMR446 radios) may give adequate radio coverage. These radios are limited in RF power, 0.5W. CommTrack offer a free coverage check to all schools and colleges. 
For larger schools, a popular licensed radio is the Hytera PD405 Digital Radio. This is an entry level, economical, digital radio that is small and light, and gives a great battery life of around 16Hrs between each charge.  
CommTrack have recently completed the handover of a fleet of 16 x Motorola SL1600 Digital Radios to a school in Greater Manchester - weighing only 160g and with a shatterproof display, these radios have a great profile and feel more like a smartphone than a radio. CommTrack programmed the radios according to the secondary school specific operational requirements. 
Whatever your communication requirements, CommTrack should be your first choice. Call us today on 0161 443 4183. 
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