The radios connect to a CCTV control room to help police catch thieves. 
Retailers concerned about shoplifting rates in their local area may want to arm themselves with 2 way radios to help tackle the problem head on, something that some companies in a Leicestershire town have already started doing. 
According to the Hinckley Times, 25 retailers will be given these radios – which connect to a CCTV control room, operated by the Hinckley and District Chamber of Trade. 
This will allow bosses to report thefts immediately to the control room, which will use its high-tech cameras to record footage of the crime taking place. It’s hoped that this footage will help police bring charges against the perpetrators. 
“While we are aware that cuts to police budgets do not help the situation, and shop lifting is considered a low priority, if the cuts are too great to facilitate ordinary acceptable policing then pressure should be put on to rethink the situation,” president of Hinckley and District Chamber of Trade Rosemary Wright was quoted by the news source as saying. 
Recent research from the British Retail Consortium revealed that the annual bill for retail crime in the UK climbed to £613 million in 2015, the highest since official records were started, with customer theft accounting for the majority of this kind of crime at 83 per cent of the total. Fraud was also found to be on the rise, with online cyber-attacks becoming increasingly common. 
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