Radio Communication Projects 

Road Tunnels - Radio System Maintenance 

CommTrack provide the radio maintenance and service support to three of the busiest road tunnels in the UK. Each tunnel has a radio system consisting of radiating cable and off-air amplifiers, the systems re-broadcast AM, FM, DAB, TETRA, and cellular signals. CommTrack engineers are very familiar with the radio systems, having being involved in the design, integration, and commissioning of these systems some years ago. For further information on our tunnel radio maintenance capabilities, contact CommTrack
Tunnel Radio Maintenance

Crossrail Tunnel Radio System  

CommTrack provide radio communication systems to tunnelling contractors on the London Crossrail tunnelling project. Leaky feeder cable systems provide radio communication coverage to many hundreds of workers, providing invaluable voice and data communication, with more than 10 channels in constant use in some of the most testing conditions. Our bi-directional amplifiers allow the leaky feeder cable to be extended over several miles of tunnels and caverns. The Motorola DP4400 digital radio has proven to be a popular and reliable radio with the tunnel construction workers. CommTrack are often on site underground servicing and maintaining the radio systems. 
Tunnelling Radio Systems

Major Music Concerts  

CommTrack supply two way radio communication equipment to many of the major outdoor festivals in the north of England. We work with concert organisers, security companies, hospitality, and many other sectors. During 2016, our radios have been used at Beyonce concerts, Liverpool Pride, Trafford Centre, Lattitude Festival, and may other major events.  
Festival Two Way Radio Hire