Proximity Detection Systems - SCAS II  

Providing early perimeter warning notification can give vehicle operators and pedestrians a head start in deciding how to manoeuvre during or before the critical decision making period. 
The SCAS II Collision Awareness System uses dual band RF Technology to warn a vehicle operator that a vehicle, pedestrian and/or a fixed hazard are in one of the three configurable warning zones. The system will also indicate the orientation of the potential hazard. SCAS II can also be configured to provide vehicle interface signals such as “crawl & stop” via CAN bus. The equipment is designed for underground trackless and track bound machinery. 
Pedestrians in turn will be warned of approaching vehicles as well as possible hazard areas by means of an effective LED warning device and audible alarm. 
Warning events are stored on the vehicle unit as well as the cap lamp radio and selected data events can automatically be transmitted to the control room from strategic locations while the vehicle is in transit. Should the mine infra structure not allow for automatic data downloading, information can be manually uploaded through a manual wireless interface unit. 
The Schauenburg Systems Surface Proximity Detection System is a vehicle and personnel tracking and collision awareness system, compatible with SCAS II underground equipment that uses advanced detection technologies and algorithms designed to save lives and reduce costs. 
Built to operate in a variety of rugged and demanding conditions, the surface PDS uses multiple technologies to create a failsafe system that increases accuracy over single technology systems. Schauenburg PDS systems are installed on over 2,000 vehicles, helping to keep 50,000+ workers safe from moving machinery on a day to day basis. 
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