Digital Two Way Radio Solutions 

Digital Two-Way business radio systems are an increasingly popular choice thanks to their enhanced audio quality and additional functionality which may include text messaging and GPS tracking.  
If your organisation is growing out of your existing communication solution, migrating to Digital Radio will undoubtedly be beneficial with improved communication, enhanced battery life, improved voice quality and longer talk time. The TDMA technology that Digital Radio includes offers two voice channels on a single repeater, whilst the system offers new features to enable new data capabilities such as location services using integrated GPS. Digital radios save money on infrastucture and licensing. 
Features and benefits of our digital two-way radio solutions include: 
• Professional consultancy, project management, installation, maintenance and servicing 
• Super clear communication with static and noise reduction 
• Data applications including telemetry, alarm reporting and text messaging 
• Location services using integrated GPS 
• Multi-site connectivity  
• Enhanced battery life – up to 40% longer 
• Dual mode operation enables smooth migration from analogue to digital 
• Advanced lone worker and emergency facilities 
Enhanced productivity, effeciency, and meets health and safety requirements which many companies need to provide for your workforce. 
With a vast range of feature-rich applications available to enhance your digital radio system, isn’t it time you contacted our team to discuss moving over to digital radio?  
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GPS And Tracking 

Many digital radios are fitted with a GPS receiver which allows monitoring and tracking of people and assets. Industries such as transportation, oil & gas, and tunnel construction, can use this information for safety and productivity management. 

Email And Text Messages 

Radio users can now check emails and receive and send text messages from their digital two way radio. Many industries such as hotels, security, and manufacturing use data for creating job tickets and workflows for users. 

Telephone Interconnect 

Connecting two way radio users to telephone systems is very easy with modern digital technology. Telephone Interconnect is required in contacting external emergency services while working on a construction site, tunnel, or many other work sites. 

Voice Recording 

Voice Recording and Playback is vital in many radio communication systems. Emergency services can review and listen to voice conversations to deteremine how situations have developed. 

Lone Worker 

The Lone Worker feature on two way radios ensures that radio users respond to a preset timed message at regular intervals. If a user fails to respond after a set amount of attempts, an alarm can be generated. Security personnel, construction workers use Lone Worker. 

Motorola Wave 

WAVE provides a powerful PTT platform to enhance and optimize your work group communications. Wave connects your disparate networks such as radio, cellular, Wi-Fi, telephony and more so you can communicate between them. 


Many digital radios are fitted with the mandown feature. A Man Down option board for the radio will detect if the radio is tilted between 30 to 60 degrees for a period of time. This feature is common among users that work alone or in hazardous areas. 

Monitoring & Control 

Many two way radio systems include a monitoring and control platform. This allows dispatch/control operators to monitor activity on the radio channels, such as voice conversations, personnel movement, and job ticketing.