Hytera PD405 DMR Radio 

Hytera PD405 UHF/VHF Digital Hand Portable Two Way Radio 

The PD405 DMR handheld radio gives you conventional DMR radio at a starter price. It is particularly enduring and achieves with the rechargeable battery supplied operation times of up to remarkable 16 hours in digital mode. Moreover it supports mixed-channel operation, so is able to detect analog and digital signals on a single channel, and to change automatically to the relevant operating mode. 
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Hytera PD405 Key Features 
\ 256 Channels 
\ VHF & UHF Options 
\ Battery life - up to 16hrs 
\ TDMA direct mode allows up to two simultaneous calls, without repeater 
\ Weight 270g 
\ IP5
\ Dimensions (H,W,D) - 112.0 X 54.0 X 28.0 mm 
\ Dual analogue and digital capable - ideal for migration 
\ VOX (voice-controlled send keying) 
\ Supports pre-programmed text message transmission 
\ Individual call, group call and all call 
\ Radio supplied with charger, antenna, battery, hand strap & belt clip