Hytera PD415 DMR Radio 

Hytera PD415 UHF/VHF digital hand portable two way radio 

The PD415 handheld radio gives you conventional DMR radio and an integrated RFID reader. As part of the Hytera Patrol System it is the ideal radio for security personnel who patrol complex buildings. The PD415 is particularly enduring and achieves with the rechargeable battery supplied operation times of up to remarkable 16 hours in digital mode. 
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Hytera PD415 Key Features 
\ 256 Channels 
\ VHF & UHF Options 
\ Battery life - up to 16hrs 
\ TDMA direct mode allows up to two simultaneous calls, without repeater 
\ Weight 270g 
\ IP5
\ Integrated RFID reader 
\ The Hytera Patrol System - System for the management patrol information 
\ Dimensions (H,W,D) - 112.0 X 54.0 X 31.0 mm 
\ Dual analogue and digital capable - ideal for migration 
\ VOX (voice-controlled send keying) 
\ Supports pre-programmed text message transmission 
\ Individual call, group call and all call 
\ Radio supplied with charger, antenna, battery, hand strap & belt clip