Hytera PD505 DMR Radio 

Hytera PD505 UHF/VHF digital hand portable two way radio 

The PD505 DMR handheld radio impresses with its lightweight design, range of functions and excellent value for money. Its compact housing, outstanding voice quality and support for both digital and analog radio will bring a breath of fresh air to your radio communication. The PD505 handheld radio is designed in accordance with the DMR standard and therefore meets all the open standard's requirements. 
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Hytera PD505 Key Features 
\ 256 Channels 
\ VHF & UHF Options 
\ Battery life - up to 16hrs 
\ TDMA direct mode allows up to two simultaneous calls, without repeater 
\ Weight 260g 
\ IP5
\ Versatile voice calls: Individual call, group call, broadcast call, data call, emergency call 
\ Secure communication 
\ Dimensions (H,W,D) - 115.0 X 54.0 X 27.0 mm 
\ Dual analogue and digital capable - ideal for migration 
\ DMR Data Service 
\ Supports pre-programmed text message transmission 
\ Radio supplied with charger, antenna, battery, hand strap & belt clip