Motorola DP4601e DMR Radio 

MOTOTRBO™ DP4601e UHF/VHF digital hand portable two way radio 

The Motorola DP4601e is part of the new Mototrbo 'e' hand portable range. Packed with clever features and built in bluetooth which allows you to communicate without wires. The DP4601e is IP68 rated, meaning it is dust tight and protected against continuous immersion, the Motorola DP4601e radio has a part keypad 
This new Mototrbo technology offers up to 28 hours of battery life and an improved receiver which boots the range of the radio by 8% on previous models. 
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DP4601e Key Features 
\ 1000 Channels 
\ IP68 Rated 
\ Five line colour display 
\ Integrated GPS and GLONASS for wide area outdoor location tracking 
\ Dual analogue and MOTOTRBO digital capable - ideal for migration 
\ Privacy Features & VOX Capability & Intelligent Audio 
\ TDMA digital technology - twice the capacity 
\ Lone Worker 
\ Wi-Fi® capability to allow remote firmware updates 
\ Transmit Interrupt 
\ Digital Phone Patch capability 
\ PTT ID To Improve Communications Efficiency 
\ Quick, easy-to-use Group, Individual & All-call capability 
\ Improved receiver sensitivity for up to 16% greater coverage 
\ Direct mode, Conventional, IPSC, Capacity Plus and Capacity Max compatible 
\ Radio supplied with antenna, battery, belt clip, and charger options 
* Popular radio with construction and tunnelling work sites 

Motorola DP4601e Accessories 


Single Unit Charger 


Multi-Unit Charger 


Value Earpiece 


Value D-Shell 


Value Earpiece  


Remote Sp/Mic 


1400mAh Battery 


1600mAh Battery