License Free Radios 

License free radios, also known as PMR446, are a cheaper alternative and you do not require a radio license which can also be an advantage. Any unlicensed PMR446 radio from any brand is compatible with any other PMR446 radio. There are 8 standard PMR446 channels and they are the same frequencies on every PMR446 radio. 
Unlicensed radios can be used anywhere in Europe and no license is required for their operation. An unlicensed radio can have a maximum of 0.5 Watts power with a range of up to 5km, depending on terrain, but more often the radio coverage is less than 3Km. If more power or range is required, you will need to use licensed portables – these radios can deliver up to 5 Watts power. 
Licence free radios require no licence, no network or call fees and no contract. They can be operated throughout the E.U. using 8 preset transmit/receive frequencies and maybe used by large, medium or small businesses and private individuals. They are an ideal cost effective entry level hand portable radio that improves communications at work and leisure. 
CommTrack supply and support all the main two way radio manufacturers and a selection of our license free radios are below. 

Motorola License Free Radios 

Motorola TLKTR T40 
Motorola TLKR T50 
Motorola TLKR T80 
Motorola XT180 
Motorola XT420 
Motorola XT460 

Hytera License Free Radios 

Hytera TC320 
Hytera TC446S 
Hytera Power446 
Hytera PD355LF 
Hytera PD365LF 
Hytera PD505LF 

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